Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipping on our vast range of Husqvarna special parts.
Next day Uk delivery by APC.

Husqvarna 4 Stroke Engine

Husqvarna 4 stroke engine repairs, rebuilds and tuning, due to our large stock of engine parts and knowledge, we can turn round a full engine faster and cheaper than anyone else in the UK. Simply box up your engine, we will arrange collection, and return on completion.


Crankshaft press and balance. New conrods fitted and rebalanced, and welding (if required).

Cylinder Recoats and Rebores

Cylinder recoats and rebores. Send us your cylinder, we can supply a replacement piston (standard, high compression or oversize) and refurbish the cylinder, to the correct tollerance. Also we can supply oversize head gaskets.

Exhaust Refurbish and Repair

Exhaust refurbish and repair. Titanium Exhaust repair and repack, Carbon fibre sleeves and end caps. Db killers fitted. Dyno services.

Loose Magnets?

Loose magnets? on your 410, 570 or 610 (Ducati energia) Flywheel magnet repairs. Send us your flywheel and we will shotblast the housing and rebond the magnets in the correct position, using a bonding agent from the aircraft industry, on a special jig, to ensure correct alignment.

Husqvarna iBeat Diagnostic

Husqvarna iBeat diagnostic workshop equipment, for Mikuni fuel injection 4 strokes.

Husky Wheel Building

Husky wheel building. Supermoto, Motocross or Enduro, we carry a large stock of spare parts to repair or customize your wheels, with powder coating and anodising, we can create an individual look for your bike.

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